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At Moab Tour Company, we rent 4 Door Jeep Unlimited. Our jeep rentals seat up to 5 people and are a great way to get the family out to some of Moab’s beautiful back country. All of our Jeeps have a 2 inch lift to help better navigate the rugged terrain offered throughout Moab. We have the latest current model Jeeps available and since we don’t allow these Jeeps on the toughest trails that Moab has to offer they are in great condition so you won’t have to be worried about breaking down on the trails.  Available only in four door models.

Jeep JL Wrangler Sport 4 Door


No online booking fees

Available July 1st

5 Hour Rental    $249
Full Day Rental    $299
24HR Rental    $349
2 Day Rental    $628.20
3 Day Rental    $889.95
4 Day Rental      $1116.80
$2000 Deposit


Personal proof of American or Canadian car insurance required

Must be 25 or older to rent



Potash Road/Shafer Switchbacks, Long Canyon, White Rim, Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corners, Jackson Hole, Gemini Bridges, Bull Canyon, Onion Creek/Fisher Towers, Dome Plateau, Tower Arch, Willow Springs Road, Fallen Peace Officer, Sand Flats Road, Geyser Pass, Secret Spire/Dellenbaugh Tunnel, Tusher Tunnel, Hidden Canyon


Required Tire/Glass Damage Waiver
$29 first day or $14 a day on multi day


Full Day 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
There are trail restrictions
Cooler with ice included


Rent 1 machine 2 Days 10% off
Rent 1 machine 3 Days 15% off
Rent 1 machine 4 to 6 Days 20% off
Rent 1 machine 7 Days or more 25% off


Must provide your own personal car insurance
Insurance must cover rental vehicles
Must be American or Canadian car insurance coverage


 72 Hour Cancellations Policy

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